Our Services

Asset Management

The 360 Family Office strategically invests and finances diverse asset classes through various managed funds. We employ a relationship driven, strategic and dynamic asset management model focused on social value investing, financing and partnerships. Our relationships include such enterprises that:

  • Assist businesses to navigate through the challenging economy.
  • Offer products to save lives through the global pandemic.
  • Provide ecommerce platforms to help small businesses compete.
  • Acquire real estate assets offering affordable housing.
  • Supply material data to advance personal safety solutions.
Asset management


Our team includes experienced and compassionate business professionals willing to share their insights to lead enterprises toward excellence while encouraging positive values and making a constructive difference in the world. To facilitate this worthy mission we offer advisory engagements to guide organizations toward invest-ability or donate-ability.

Advisory services


The 360 Family Office supports philanthropic causes that offer compassionate sober living and recovery services and is dedicated to serving children and adults with autism and other complex physical conditions including:

  • Fellowship Recovery Community Organization
  • The Center for Discovery ®
  • Infused Impact